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I see no reason not to use the "en" in Dene.


I looked back and see that we Canadians decided not to contract it in our
Problem Word List but I couldn't see a reason for the decision.  Maybe
someone else remembers.


In research in online dictionaries, there is an old English word, dene
(deen) which refers to sand dunes.  The word Dene for people in Nunavut is
pronounced in two syllables (den-ee or den-eh) and comes from French
(spelled the same but with an acute accent on each "e").




Phyllis Landon

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Hi. In the EBAE days, Dene was supposed to be uncontracted. The word is not
mentioned in the UEB rules at all. Do we contract the en in Dene now?






Bruce Toews

Certified Braille Proofreader


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