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Donald Winiecki dwiniecki at handid.org
Tue Jan 12 21:04:25 EST 2021

Happy New Year in return!

I would suggest that UEB 7.3.1 *is* clear on this.

"Follow print for the number of dots used in the ellipsis. When spacing in
print is indeterminate or inconsistent, space the ellipsis from adjacent
words, unless it is clear that it indicates the omission of part of a word."

For what it's worth, I will say clarity comes in the first sentence.
Authors of the UEB rulebook are telling us that there can be more than
three dots in an ellipsis (or maybe we should use scare quotes to signify
that "ellipsis" is flexible in this case) and we should just follow print
unless spacing in print is indeterminate or inconsistent, or if the number
of dots indicates omission of part of a word.

In the text material you are proofing, is the use of spacing inconsistent
when an ellipsis coincides with a full stop? If yes, then the transcriber
made the proper decision to insert a space between the ellipsis and full

As always, I am happy to hear corrections on this interpretation of the
_don 😷

On Tue, Jan 12, 2021 at 5:27 PM Peg Mercer via UEB <ueb at lists.blc-lbc.ca>

> Belated Happy New Year, Everyone.
> In a book I’m proofing, there are cases of words followed by four dots for
> the period and ellipsis which appear to be all joined to the word in print.
> The transcriber has put a space after the period and then inserted the
> three ellipsis dots. As far as I can determine, UEB sec. 7.3 doesn’t
> clearly address this situation. Is it wrong, therefore, for the space to be
> left between the period and the ellipsis even though all four dots are
> unspaced in print?
> Many thanks.
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