[UEB] Typeforms extending across same text elements

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I bet you can't say that five times quickly. My gut tells me that it would still apply even in partially-typeformed paragraphs. For example, when someone's thoughts are in italics, you might have something like, Bruce and Caroline's budgies are the cutest birds on the planet, the prime minister thought. And then he would go on and on about how their feeding and caring should be funded by the taxpayer.  Then in the next paragraph, you might see, Pity Bruce is such a jerk, he continued to himself. And then he'd go on about where he'd like me deported. In the above elaborate example, you have brief pieces outside of typeforms, but I think the multiple italicized paragraph thing would continue to apply. It's certainly done this way with quotation marks, for the most part. Just my thoughts.
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Hi everyone,
I would like to clarify my understanding of section 9.9.1 in the Rules of UEB. This seems rather basic, but I began to think about it and have now over-thought the issue to the point of thoroughly confusing myself.
My understanding of this section is that it only applies if the consecutive paragraphs are written entirely in a particular typeform. So it would not apply if one paragraph happened to end with a typeform passage and the next paragraph happened to start with another typeform passage of the same type. Nor would it apply even if the first paragraph were entirely in a particular typeform and the next paragraph began with a typeform passage of the same type if the second paragraph continued on after the typeform passage ended. Only if both paragraphs were in the same typeform in their entirety would 9.9.1 apply.
Any confirmation that my understanding is correct, or clarification that I am indeed confused, would be appreciated.
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